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Crystal Lopiccolo

Hey there, I’m Crystal! 

I’m a birth doula, placenta specialist, reiki practitioner, intuitive quantum healer, and apprentice midwife. 

I have two children of my own, and we live in a small cozy cottage on a 37 acre farm, where I dream of hosting our retreats one day. 

Before finding my passion for birthwork and energy healing, I held many titles and traveled to many places. I took an interest in understanding different cultures and sacred practices in hopes of understanding the world we live in at its deepest levels, which gave me a unique perspective on the cycle of life and death. 

I hold birth as a sacred rite of passage. 

One that changes who we are at our core, and brings us a powerful understanding of not only ourselves, but also our ancestors and the powers that be. 

I will do my best to provide the deepest levels of healing to this world by ushering in the next generation who will challenge us and make Earth a better place.

Crystal Lopiccolo: About
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